Scientific and Medical Coalition Against Cancer

Eric M. Grund, Ph.D

Cancer Survivor / Leading Scientist / Founder of Scientific and Medical Coalition Against Cancer

Dr. Grund has over 20 years of R&D experience in both start-up venture and major BioPharma including Berg, EMD-Serono, and Biogen. As Director of Integrative Biointelligence at Berg he is currently leading project management of the Biosystems Division. Berg engages Systems Biology, MultiOmics, and advanced Bioinformatics in its drug and diagnostics di scovery platform, Interrogative Biology. At Biogen, he was responsible for SAR and MOA studies on small molecule kinase inhibitors within Discovery Oncology.


Cancer patients and their loved ones often discover that finding valuable information on their cancer type or locating an online cancer community who shares their diagnosis, is more difficult than anticipated. The Scientific and Medical Coalition Against Cancer (SMCAC) aims to bridge this gap - to make access to the most critical cancer information easy to find and understand through our interactive website. As a non-profit, pharmaceutical company independent organization, we are a venue for cancer experts, survivors, and patients to collaborate and educate each other- furthering the fight against cancer. Our organizational goals include:

Cancer Education SMCAC wiki format allows scientists and the medical community to collaborate to build information on the website in real time giving the most up to date information.

Community Building The SMCAC website will have an interactive social networking capability where, through secure chat functions, the cancer community can help newly diagnosed patients, exchange critical information, and build the SMCAC website as the communities central hub and touch point.

Promoting Research The SMCAC will, over time, use funds to support research into promising treatments.

Cancer Outreach As a non-profit, SMCAC has relied on support from individuals, corporations, and foundations to fund our cancer patient outreach programs. Outreach that includes establishing on-site computer kiosks in chemotherapy and radiation clinics, as well as oncologist offices, where patients and their loved ones can conveniently access vital information to more efficiently educate themselves on the disease during trying times.

We thank you for visiting Scientific and Medical Coalition Against Cancer (SMCAC) website and encourage you to browse the site. Perhaps you may be interested in reading our cancer type-specific information, becoming a member of our organization, contributing your cancer knowledge to the website, or learning how to become involved in building the organization.